Why outsourcing your transport recruitment process is the future

Transportation is an industry that moves a million miles an hour, and it’s hiring process is no exception to this. With the added unpredictability of requirements needed throughout the year, exaggerated during peak season, the hiring of qualified drivers, warehouse operatives, and senior management, can often overshadow other tasks needed for company maintenance and growth.

As a Transport Manager, how do you make sure that the people you’re hiring are the right ones for the roles you are seeking to fit? How confident are you that your hiring strategies are going to deliver not only qualified candidates, but individuals who’s work ethic aligns with your company values as well?

Many transport and logistics companies are beginning to understand that managing their own hiring process on top of their general operations, is outdated, expensive, and time-consuming, and they are now looking for alternatives. Often, outsourcing the recruitment function to a dedicated talent agency can deliver better results than those that can be achieved in-house, offering more flexibility and better value for money.

Whilst all talent agencies will provide you with varying degrees of out-sourced hiring support, by onboarding with a niche staffing partner within your sector, you’re guaranteed a higher success rate due to the experience and understanding of what specific hiring strategies are needed to achieve your business goals. These strategies are critical for your company’s future success, as hiring the wrong candidate can lead to issues with infringements, insubordination, damaging company reputation, and cost more money than they bring in.

There are many ways to improve your current hiring strategy:

1- Rely on your internal recruitment to make best use of existing employees. Whilst this may be sufficient for large organisations with the resources to dedicate an entire team to this, it often falls on the Transport Manager to provide this service, cutting into time better spent elsewhere. If you’re currently managing your own staffing process and are struggling to find the best candidates, or rapid talent on demand, Intrepid Global offers it’s clients a dedicated 24/7 Account Manager to oversee the entire hiring process, providing quick solutions to last minute unwanted surprises, taking the pressure away and supporting sustainable company progression.

2- You could outsource your staffing needs. Intrepid Global is a dedicated niche talent partner within the transport sector, offering bespoke hiring solutions to support your company to achieve it’s full potential and both long and short term goals. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, having never lost a client we are established in the art of growing and maintaining transport operations, whether that’s through fully staffing new depots, sourcing senior management, or providing brand boosting solutions such as our sustainability initiative with start-up ‘Greenify’.

3- Revise your recruitment software. Using the right software not only makes life easier by reducing errors and minimizing the duplication of effort, when used to its full extent, it will allow you to accurately plan, target, market, and deliver a streamlined and effect end-to-end hiring process. Intrepid Global offers a range of cutting-edge, bespoke hiring solutions, each tried and tested provide guaranteed results. As specialists with transport, we also provide automation services and access to our advanced tech stack, which supports a ‘deep search’ function, finding candidates in even the most niche qualifications. In addition, our clients benefit from our KPI reports and road-mapping services, keeping the process 100% transparent so you can see the results and know exactly how we’re reaching your pre-agreed targets.

If you are considering using a talent partner but are not sure where to begin, get in contact with one of Intrepid Global’s specialist team members for a free consultation to find out exactly how we could help you and your company. We know that a good hiring strategy and process is vital to the recruiting and retaining of reliable candidates, that’s why we offer ongoing support which you can turn-up, turn-down, and turn-off, as and when you need. We’re flexible so that you don’t have to be.

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