4 Top Freight Forwarders in The UK to Watch in 2021

The UK has a vast number of freight forwarders dominating the transport and logistics space. And when the number is high, finding the best freight forwarding company can be challenging. The task may be daunting to many professionals considering the mix-up of bad and good companies.

Top freight forwarders are making remarkable improvements in terms of service delivery. They have a team with reputable customer service and support, which makes them counted at the frontline of the top best freight forwarders in the UK.

Here is the list of top freight forwarders you should give attention to in 2021:

John Good Shipping

John Good Shipping is a family-owned logistics company with well-trained and determined staff members. The company has its offices situated across many locations in the UK. However, the head office of John Good Shipping is in Hull. The management strategically picked such sites to ease port distributions and operations.

The company invests much in digitalizing its services through employing IT solutions to boost personalized solutions. This is to ensure they spearhead success for your supply chain.

Dap UK Limited

Dap UK Limited is an independent freight forwarding company that improves customers’ personal service for the entire forwarding process. It partners with exceptional logistics providers to offer good services to customers. It was first established in 2002 and had offices in Gret Yarmouth and Felixstowe.

Dap UK Limited provides customized supply chain services to various industries across the globe. Their services entail customs clearance and warehousing, European transport, European express shipment, and freight management, among others. In addition, the company can assist in processing your consignment, which involves detailed documentation when transporting items globally by sea or air.

Bermuda Forwarders (UK) Ltd

Bermuda Forwarders (UK) Ltd provides their complete services both in Bermuda and the UK. The company has central offices in London and Manchester, where you can deliver your cargo effortlessly. They also have a flexible option where you can collect your cargo from any location across the UK.

It offers road freight, air freight, and sea freight services with faster delivery timelines. In addition, if you want to export your items outside the UK, they offer customized solutions to manage UK transport, customs solution, and complete destination services to where your consignment is delivered.

Bermuda Forwarders (UK) Ltd provides worldwide export and import, storage, transport, ocean and air imports, full container load, or half container load. Their main goal is to meet and satisfy customers’ expectations and needs.

Superior Freight Services UK Ltd

Superior Freight Services UK Ltd offers a wide range of services- starting project forwarding to road freight, sea freight, air freight, and warehousing. They possess more than 20 years of delivering a top-notch level of customer care and service to clients.

They have a supportive team who are friendly and always offer helps to clients to the maximum capacity. Superior Freight Services UK Ltd is an award-winning forwarding company. They have their headquarters in London and branch offices in the USA and various countries in Europe.

Are you looking for the best freight forwarding in the UK? Then, go through the list shared above and take a little of your time to conduct background research on other freight companies that may be missing in this list and see if they are a perfect fit for your business.